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Enterprise Units

Enterprise Units

A range of units suitable for start-up businesses at low rents.
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Pudding Row

Delicious home-made food and home baking: scones, fresh bread, bagels, Lunch specials and cake!

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The Castle Inn

Fisherman's Weir


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Easkey is that rare village in the Modern World that has remained unspoilt and has escaped mass development. It is a thriving community with several new housing developments introducing new people to the established traditional residents. There are very active voluntary organisations that have already set up a Community Council, created a Family Resource Centre and have obtained funding for a new Community Centre and other community based projects.

Easkey Bridge

Easkey has many things to do, places to stay and a very active local community. Located right in the centre of West Sligo, at the estuary of the Easkey river, people visit for the spectacular scenery, great surfing and the pleasure of staying in a picturesque, traditional village environment with all the facilities of modern life.

This Website is intended for locals and Tourists alike, to outline what Easkey has to offer for the visitor and for current and potential residents. It has been created and is maintained by local people who are in touch with the day-to-day pulse of the community. It is hoped that it will provide a valuable service for anyone interested in Easkey, its people and its heritage.


The Split Rock

The split rock is an Erratic left after the ice age. It is situated in Killeenduff on the Easkey/ Dromorewest road.

Easkey Bridge

Built in 1847 after the old bridge was washed away in 1844. Hangings took place at the bridge in the 19th century.

Roslee Castle

Built in 1207 as a home of the O' Dowd Chieftians of Tireragh, beside the pier in Easkey.

The Abbey

The abbey situated in the centre of the village was in use up until Roslee cemetary opened in 1888.

Black's Graveyard

Killeenduff which translates as Black Church ,is located on the Easkey/ Dromore West road near the National School.On the 1837 map it was called "Black's Graveyard.
Little remains of this church and graveyard today, but can be found on Discovery Map 24 as being in Killeenduff townland, Easkey parish coordinates 400/373.A former priest, Father Tom Sweeney placed a marker on the site.



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